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Signature Workshops


Our signature workshops have been led at various conferences, team retreats, and other events. Workshops can be tailored to specific needs, and can be facilitated as one-hour, three-hour, or full-day workshops. Email or fill out our contact form to learn more.

Authentic Leadership Development

This workshop provides concrete tools and practices for the impactful non-profit leader.  Nonprofit leaders must excel in competencies and skills such as personnel management, strategy and fundraising, but must also excel in the “softer” side of leadership: authenticity and ethics, vision and values, inspiring and mobilizing, and emotional/relational intelligence.

Building An Organizational Culture

This workshop helps participants create and maintain a culture that sustains staff and ultimately increases efficiency and impact.  Participants learn concrete tools to identify current organizational culture trends and how to shift them to reflect desired outcomes and values.

Building Better Teams

Social service-oriented organizations often attract an extremely passionate and dedicated workforce. Strong personalities can shift team dynamics and under-utilize the strengths of others. This workshop helps participants gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and growth edges in order build or rework teams to compliment each other. This process helps managers operate a workplace more efficiently with less conflict.

Creativity in the Workplace

This workshop uses evidence-based tools and practices from neuroscience and psychology research to engage the creative part of the brain. Participants will learn how their own creativity can lead to effective solutions and maximize impact on teams and in workplaces.

Diversity to Collective Power: Exploring Equity and Inclusion

Whether implicit or explicit, teams and organizations all have a current culture around diversity and inclusion. This workshop allows teams and leaders to discuss areas of social identity, privilege and power in a way that empowers the group and builds deeper connections. Exploring and aligning on areas of diversity, equity and inclusion will allow the team/organization to better leverage their individual and collective power for social impact and justice.

From Conflict to Resolution and Restoration

Conflict is a natural part of the cycle of growth and improvement, whether interpersonal or organization-wide. This workshop guides participants through a structured and mindful approach to addressing conflict. Tools rooted in non-violent communication and negotiation are integrated with the participants’ real-life scenarios, so that you are prepared to enter any situation with calm and ease.

Institutional & Organizational Change

This workshop helps organizations and institutions align definitions of success, expectations and power dynamics in a constantly changing and complex field. Participants will learn tools to unlock their potential and address the natural resistance to change. Participants will learn to cultivate empowerment and resilience in times of change, growth or uncertainty.

Wellness: Preventing Burnout and Building Sustainability

Creating time, space and intention for wellness not only keeps leaders engaged and prevents burnout, but also increases creativity, happiness, and productivity in the long-term. This workshop provides tools and practices to integrate wellness into non-profit leadership.

"This workshop came at the perfect time. It was a great way to recenter. I even walked away with an unexpected revelation that's been evading me for months."

- Ellen Moore, Engagement Mangager, Heartland Alliance

"I loved Alexis and Eliza's presence. The workshop demonstrated their powerful leadership that shows whole person development. I'm inspired by their leadership and look forward to future events."

- Heena Patel, Portfolio Manager, Genentech