Individual Services

The work of leaders and practitioners is critical, and often come with stressors and strains unique to each industry. Our services foster your growth, development, resilience, and wellbeing. We can help you prevent burn-out, increase creative potential, deepen your sense of purpose and joy, and ultimately maximize your impact.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is an individualized process that supports the leader's unique strengths, insights and abilities in order to achieve short- and long-term goals.

The coaching process is tailored to fit your goals and needs, oftentimes with a specific goal or purpose in mind.

Resilience Coaching

Resilience coaching explores the life of the leader through a holistic lens. During resilience coaching, we examine all aspects of the leader’s wellbeing, supporting the individual to create and integrate a wellness plan that works uniquely for their personality and work context. These sessions have allowed clients to experience sustainable shifts in wellbeing, energy, happiness at work, and ability to create long-lasting impact.


Somatic Sessions

Somatic sessions integrate traditional coaching methods with somatic practices from the Japanese tradition of Reiki. Based in the latest in neuroscience techniques, somatic practices have been shown to have long-lasting results when coaching goals are integrated with wisdom from the body.

Somatic sessions are offered in 45, 60 or 90 minute sessions.


*Sliding scale pricing is available for those who need financial assistance, for all individual services. To learn more about our wellness offerings, fill out our contact form or email


Integrated Wellness Packages: Due to client demand and our desire to provide a holistic approach to our wellness services, we now offer a combination of reiki sessions with coaching or personal wellness sessions at a discounted rate.